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“Susan, in some ways, this seminar felt like communion--coming to the table, experiencing Christ’s presence, and then being sent as the hands and feet of Christ. Thanks for making this time together an experience of communion with insights, levity, care and God’s blessing.”


"Susan is both extremely professional and caring. Her authenticity and passion for dialogue is inspiring." 


"Thanks for planting a seed in helping us think through how to handle [our situation].  Obviously you are educating us in "best practices" just by how you've related to us."  


"Susan, I want to thank you again for your work with [my congregation and me] in these difficult times.  Just to say a word, you model a calm, non-anxious presence so very well that I have learned as much from how you are as what you have said." 


"Susan had a good understanding of our issues and was able to focus on some of our key conflict issues such as tolerance for bad behavior and organizational issues that defocus the leadership."  


"The facilitator [Susan Nienaber] was very good at drilling down to the real problems... "


"Susan was warm, open & positive. [Her] message of hope was powerful. I felt she taught us that we can become unstuck and get back on track as a governing board and as a church."  


"I see lots of things changing since Susan's visit.  Many of us are more able to talk of our hurt and are gathering with people from whom the hurt separated us (many good people who just did not know what to say). The wheels are turning for improvement in the health of the congregation.  Thank you so much.  You even won over the Board members who did not vote to hire a consultant!  Thank you for your ministry. 


"Once again, thank you for your excellent work with our community in transition.  I heard a number of people say today how much they appreciated the process you led us through, how cathartic it was, and how they appreciated your clarity on a number of critical points. Thank you for your hard work and generous spirit.  I sense your time with us has been and will be a definitive turning point as we make our way forward." 


"There were parts [of your final report] that brought tears to my eyes…but at last (without naming names) the hard truth is being spoken! Praise God!  May that energy of which you spoke and witness be the movement of the Holy Spirit to empower us to move from being stuck to moving forward!" 


"[T]hank you for your assistance, wisdom, advice, and shared experience.  I felt very relieved that we were in the hands of someone who is a professional in this area and who has had many clients with similar issues as our church.  I felt that you were sensitive throughout the process to the great potential for hard-feelings, embarrassment, and anger…None of these emerged.  Your handling of [everyone involved] was very pastoral, yet direct and targeted.  

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