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My experience as a therapist and my understanding of organizational systems dynamics influence how I approach my work as a consultant and District Superintendent. I see my role as a facilitator, rather than an expert. I come as a serious listener with an open mind, not a list of assumptions. I continue to embrace an unwavering dedication to the health, vitality and mission of organizations and of the leaders that support them. I have a deep respect for the local cultures and practices that exist in all organizations. I approach my consulting work from a whole-systems perspective and bring a broad base of knowledge and experience with hundreds of different nonprofit and faith-based organizations.


I understand my role as a consultant to be multifaceted: I can provide information intended to be perspective-shifting (enlarging ways of thinking or helping narrow the focus to gain clarity), make suggestions and recommendations, evaluate processes and procedures as well as organizational structures, analyze systemic factors, review the history of a congregation, facilitate dialogue, mediate, and provide training and education. I do not function as an arbitrator or decision maker in an organizaiton (except in my role as District Superintendent). 


Regional differences, generational outlooks, and other factors make every organization distinctive. I believe in harvesting the collective wisdom of the group, cooperating with the Spirit’s leading, and using appreciative methods to help organizations “be the change they want to see.”

Conflict Management  I specialize in conflicted situations where people are often deeply divided.

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